IckeEver since the year 2000 I grind the piercing needles.
Til the present day I collected a lot of experience on different spots and in a couple of studios.

Some of my workplaces were:
Tattookabinett in Neustrelitz
Tatau Obscur in Berlin
Für Immer in Berlin
2003 on the road in Portsmouth/ England

Since the end of 2012  “The Decay Parlour” is the piercingstudio where I let my creativity flow.

My range of piercings is farely wide and goes from the simple earhole via lip- and tongue piercing all the way to intimate piercings for men and women.
Get yourself an impression in the gallery-section with over a 300 pictures.

I don’t like massproduction, and my focus is on individual consultation aiming for the perfect piercing.

I mostly use classic piercingjewlery and horn by the brands Wildcat, PER4, Tannhäuser and Island Tribe. To support the healing process i recommend the H2Ocean® Piercing Aftercare Spray, which you can purchase at our shop, of course.

For further personal information about my persona and my work check the press and video pages.

New Piercing – New Felicity! Byxe helps…